AM3 Daily Practice

chng+crw believes in the daily practice of AM3 for self love + healing.  AM3 Daily Practice | Be still - meditate to listen to your heart.  Be honest - journal to self reflect.  Be thankful - focus on gratitude affirmations.  
This season, we will be donating 10% of profits to |  Foster Pride empowers children and teens in foster care to develop their talents, build self-esteem and reach their potential through mentoring relationships and the arts.
This campaign, Foster Pride Ambassadors that were passionate about fashion were selected to be apart of the experience of the AM3 Daily Practice with the lavender restorative mask. 
videographer @vicvisionns | creative director @lovechristinalee | chngcrw ambassadors Elan Nguyen + Kate Mooney & Foster Pride Ambassadors Massama + Uroojie