About Us

Our Mission

chng+crw wants to take the journey together with you to learn + strive towards a better carbon footprint with quality conscious goods.  Making a statement in the culture with compassion + empathy, building healthy self esteem and supporting equality for all mankind.

ChrisTina Lee

chng+crw is a conscious, self loving + ethical fashion brand created by ChrisTina Lee.  For a decade, she was instrumental in growing a global lifestyle fashion brand from inception to half billion in retail sales, but ChrisTina Lee was unfulfilled and sought purpose in her life.  In 2011, ChrisTina Lee departed from NYC + the fashion industry and moved to LA to embark on her self discovery journey.  ChrisTina Lee started developing the concept of chng+crw -- the brand was inspired by her dog named Change Lee, which was given to her to signify change.  Before Change Lee passed away on 4.21.16 the same day as the pop icon Prince, ChrisTina Lee realized that the change needs to start within oneself.   

The two aligning journeys of developing herself and the chng+crw brand, Christina Lee realized cultivating transparency for herself and the development of conscious quality goods can shift the awareness and transformation of the consumption of goods in a self loving and ethical way.  chng+crw was created to be a conscious + purposeful collaborative brand that gives back and influences the culture for the better, but the change starts within yourself.   

Brand Purpose

Our brand purpose is making a global difference on the climate, culture and change in fashion. chng+crw believes you are what you wear -- we want to empower + inspire the people to be an advocate or activist for change.

We want to touch + transform through the power of our collective performance to be the change in society through conscious + ethical collaborations, artisan partnerships, compassion campaigns and donations.

Making a change one product at a time.