I AM Affirmations

I AM represents remembering the spirit that I AM. We are slowly awakening. The first compilation of the I AM tee shirt series are affirmation mantras. To reap the most benefits from your mantra, it should be chanted 108 times.   
I AM LOVE love represents our heart, mind, body and soul. seek love first within yourself before you attempt in loving anyone or anything else.
I AM CHANGE represents that you can ( be the change ). this is an everyday motto, mantra and life lesson that applies to anything. you can make or become the difference in any circumstances. change for the better.
I AM BLESSED every day when we wake up, we are blessed. we have a free will to make decisions; therefore we choose our own paths. every day we can be blessed and be a blessing at the same time.
Volunteered & Donated to Publicolor a stay-in-school youth development program that engages high-risk students in their education 3 days a week 4-6 years through a continuum design-based programs that mentor them for success in college, career and life.
chng+crw ambassadors volunteered and painted alongside the publicolor students and informally mentored them by talking about their education and career. 
videographer @journeys.art | editor @bostonchery | creative director @lovechristinalee | chng+crw ambassadors Tina Hong, Dave Hong, Judy Robinson, Doug Robinson, Marc Henry, Heather Sumner, Sureme Laster Bey, Stephanie Moreno, Quay Seamester, Jermaine Hutson, Megan Enriquez & Michelle Barsky
videographer & editor @journeys.art | creative director @lovechristinalee | chng+crw ambassadors @treyborhood @babyydrip_ @baby.slash @privce @b.d.elan @m4thw
chng+crw ambassadors spoke on a panel to discuss their career journeys and experiences to publicolor students.
photographer @journeys.art | chng+crw ambassadors @ibogard @krjnyc @missygeorgia_ @jeromelamaar