Wellness + Branding Panel Discussion

chng+crw hosted a wellness + branding panel discussion with @domchacha, meditation & breathwork coach, @karinhadadan, founder of @icietnu brand and @ritualandroutine, healer and master coach.  The sound bath meditation by @itstheceremony.

The panelists reflected on their backgrounds and shared insights into their content creation processes. They highlighted significant turning points for their brands and discussed their personal turning points into wellness. They explained how their personal wellness journeys aligned with their brands' journeys, emphasizing the challenges they faced and how they overcame them. The panelists also discussed the manifestations and blessings they encountered along their journeys. They touched upon the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, despite challenges.

The panelists provided their own brief definitions of basic wellness concepts, such as self-love, mental health, self-care, and self-development. We discussed the dichotomy between following trends and genuinely applying wellness practices.  They emphasized the importance of authenticity, community, and positivity in their approach to wellness.

Photographs by @saintlazo @jessmastroakis @glen_roh_coco