Wellness Gathering

The chng+crw Wellness Gathering was an enriching experience centered around the transformative chng+crw lavender restorative mask, symbolizing a journey of self-discovery and development.

Invited guests were immersed in an all-encompassing rejuvenation journey, starting with the nourishing Naturopathica Spa treatments that catered to the outer self. The evening further highlighted the inner self with a deeply calming chng+crw Be Still guided meditation, accompanied by the comforting fragrance of the lavender mask, followed by an introspective journaling session.

Later, we treated our guests to Plnt Burger, where we continued our exploration of inner and outer self-development. Over a delightful spread of Plnt Burger's delectable vegan food, we engaged in an invigorating discussion centered around fostering gratitude and self-awareness through the Be Thankful and Be Self-Aware affirmations.

Our commitment to nurturing well-being led us to extend our outreach to the younger generation, and we were honored to have Girls Club NY join us, fostering the cultivation of wellness from an early age. We firmly believe in the power of sharing our resources and knowledge to sow the seeds of wellness for a more fulfilling life journey.

Photographs by @j.yi_h @_shesbliss_